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Unknown History

Kikuizumi Hitosuji was born in…

Kikuizumi hitosuji was born by the inspiration of Hideyuki Takizawa. I began to brew sake in 1995 at Ishikawa Brewery, Ltd. in Tokyo. When I analyzed ingredients of Moromi, I noticed effervescence. I was surprised at sweetness and sour taste to harmonize in a mouth. I thought that I wanted to reflect this taste to products.

I had improved brewing skills under Nanbu Toji (the chief brewer from present-day Iwate prefecture) at Takizawa Brewing Company since 1998. We released the sparkling sake named Saino-awayuki. This sparkling sake is totally different from traditional one in a point that sweetness and sour taste stand out. This product is a slightly sparkling sake which shut in carbon dioxide by fermentation of yeast. It is not the type that injected carbon dioxide artificially. It has been popular among women whom do not drink so much. But on the other hand, there was a problem that few bubbles are difficult to see.

Therefore, based on a technique of in-bottle secondary fermentation which I cultivate in Saino-awayuki, I focused technology to make champagne. Repeating trial and error, I succeeded in developing products harmonized in sweetness and acidity and shut in highly pressured gas, in 2016. Kikuizumi hitosuji was released in June 2016.


Kikuizumi Hitosuji includes much bubbles made from rice.

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