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Kikuizumi Hitosuji

  • Classification  /  Junmai

  • Raw materials  /  rice and koji (malted rice)

  • A kind of rice  /  Sakemusashi grown in Saitama prefecture

  • Alcohol content  /  12%

  • Rice polishing ratio  /  60%

Kikuizumi hitosuji is brewed by an in-bottle secondary fermentation which is similar to champagne. Its color which techniques of brewing sake bring is beautifully and clearly gold. When it is poured into a glass, bubbles rise in a straight line in a glass. It provides sweetness and sour taste originated from rice, bringing a good harmony. It brings on profound and elegant taste of sake.

Kikuizumi hitosuji is a sparkling sake which is brewed by an in-bottle secondary fermentation like champagne. It includes high pressure gas. Please keep it cold in a refrigerator or iced water to prevent from its splashing before opening a cap. You can feel the effervescence and freshness by cooling it. Please enjoy a glass of best sake.


Kikuizumi Hitosuji includes much bubbles made from rice.

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